Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Gainsboro Studio : Model Mayhem Canada

If I had to get professional photos done, I'd contact Joan Bateman over at Gainsboro Studio.  Photographers can make or break your career, and it takes someone who knows how to mix good design with style.  These photographs are amazing,and I don't care where you are in the world. It would behoove you to meet with Joan in Canada or half way across the globe.Some really good shots would be crucial if you are on the brink of something big. 

Or, if you just wanted to invest enough in yourself to have photography like this, that looks like a magazine spread. I really like Joan's style. She seems something we can't when she's behind the lens. Only when the photos are here, can we understand.  I really think you'd agree if you saw her photos here on Pinterest,  (follow her and pin away) or on her blog or site. She is on Facebook under Gainsboro Studio.

Contact Information for Gainsboro Studio

Street and Mailing Address
377 4th St. S.E.
Medicine Hat, Alberta
T1A 0K4

(403) 526-3054

(403) 529-1047

E-Mail Address:
e-mail Joan directly

Interactive Map
Click on the link at the bottom of the map to view it larger. From there you can put in your current location to get door to door directions to the studio.

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Friday, February 10, 2012

Benchmark Custom Signs: Retro Decor

Old Store Sign 
Signs, for your just because you like them.  Old style signs from stores or vintage boutiques are so hard to find. What if you could replicate these into your daily life?  What if Etsy had the best kept secret ever, a shop called Benchmark Custom Signs  whose owner Phil makes these signs with great pride. A veteran with a keen eye for style, design, and quality............I so love these signs.

Vintage Sign
These shown here are all made of high quality oak, though different woods are used Phil loves hardwoods. Deep routing shows the gorgeous details of the oak, making these signs carved into wonderful works of art. Hung on any wall, office, shop, or room you can turn a regular old room into something grand. The one below is part of the  "black oak line" by Phil from Benchmark Custom Signs on Etsy.  He has all kinds of styles, but these, no doubt are my favorites.

Big Fat Daddy's Sign
Big Fat Daddy's is one of Phil's beloved admirers.

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