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My Story: Cindy Fahnestock-Schafer

I turned 39 this year but refuse to grow up. I'm native to the 21206 area of Baltimore, Maryland.  I have lived in Baltimore City for the past 14 years, when I'm not in the tiny town of Danforth, Maine. 

Ira Mency is an anagram for my real name, Cyn Marie.  I'm a writer, blogger, marketing agent for my husband, and self-taught assemblage artist.  I use my gift of professional junk collecting and love for all things broken and unwanted as my creative vision. My motto is "Live, Love and Create Art." Some of my art is sold to help charities I believe in, you can read about my activism here.

Ira Mency is now just that - a visionary style all it's own. It's hip, retro, vintage and trendy. The trash-to-treasure them involves being eco friendly, green, and hipster all in one.  More so, I follow ten rules to success that took me forever to learn for a happier, more complete life!

Perhaps it's simple: anyone can turn themselves into someone else if they try hard enough, but there's nothing better than being yourself and doing what you love to do, which makes you good at it.

Oh, and I love being green.

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