Monday, February 6, 2012

Kitchen Style : Melmac Plastic and All That's Fantastic

Massimo Heller Melmac
AlaModern has these great Vignelli melamine-plastic style pieces.
One of my favorite vintage dinnerware designer is Massimo Vignelli. The Heller dinnerware was first rolled out in Italy, and won good design awards in 1964. Mod, funky and stackable these melmac like heavy plastic designs paved way to more modern kitchens and funky decor.  Examples can be found in the Modern Museum of Art but in addition, are plentiful still to purchase an assemble a set in many colors.

Kitchen Timer Krups
Find this Krups Funky Timer at HuntersKitchen Etsy shop.
Truth be told, vintage melmac, plastic and other fantastic plastics can really spunk up the drab kitchen. Not to mention, Surrounding yourself by good style may make your cooking and meal making or planning more creative. Just think of the time that went into these designs, to get them to be both functional, and useful.

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