Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sign Art Photography : Go Roadside or Go Home Get Your Kicks on Route 66

Photo: Courtesy of RetroRoadsidePhoto on Etsy.

There's no better way to dress your home swag style than with professional art taken by extraordinary photographers who have managed to capture the best in Roadside Diners, forgotten about Motels, old Bowling Alley Signs, Fast Muscle Cars, and (eeks) perhaps even the scariest of small dives! One shop I really admire is RetroRoadsidePhoto on Etsy. Owner Stefanie Poteet has really managed to encapsulate lovely part of retro history.

Get this look: Mix and Match your photos or buy singly at RetroRoadsidePhoto!

Stefanie says, "I am a photographer with an unhealthy obsession for vintage signage. I love old neon, large light blubs, crazy arrows and signs with drama and flair. Signs with personality speak to me. It's like they call my name." Did I mention that she has two other shops on Etsy with photography in them?

What's not to love? I feel like I'm a quality assurance checker of paint in this gorgeous close up!

Kudos to her, combining love of all things retro with gorgeous skills. I feel like I'm driving on Route 66, even though it seems I'll never get there. Step back in time in her shop and browse around, the experience is next to none. There's nothing like a lovely art print to swag up your home, or professional photo to hang in hubby's office. It really can set off a room and give that vintage swag vibe. Do you know what's better ? You are owning a piece of history, for many of these places will someday cease to exist.  

 Here's how I know: 

 Read my shocking story here on how they tore down the historic sign in my 'hood!  I'm still sick over it!